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EnduroShield Award Winning Windshield Rain Repellent

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 2255 reviews

Proven to increase visibility in wet weather driving by repelling rain! Treats up to 2 average windshields.

  • Repels rain, dirt and oily road grime
  • Reduces response time in wet weather driving and improves night time vision
  • Allows easier removal of ice, snow and bugs
  • Spray and wipe - repels up to 1 year!
EnduroShield Windshield Rain Repellent - Special
Single Pack
Treats up to 2 average windshields
Perfect for standard size vehicles
$16.99 $11 each
EnduroShield Windshield Rain Repellent - Twin Special
Double Pack
Treats up to 4 average windshields
Perfect for large SUV's or trucks
$33.98 $20 each

Reviewed by the Experts

Improve forward visibility in wet conditions

"Treating your windscreen with EnduroShield helps to repel water and improve forward visibility in wet conditions"

Russell WhiteFounder & CEO of the Australian Road Safety Foundation (ARSF)

This creates clearer vision and contributes to the driver's safety.

"I tested Enduro Shield Auto Glass in the heavy rains of Queensland and was amazed by how well it improves visibility. The nano glass coating works with the movement of the car and the wipers to disperse the water to the edges of the windscreen at a quicker rate than normal. This creates clearer vision and contributes to the driver's safety. Our entire Driver Safety Fleet now has better visibility in the wet with Enduro Shield Auto Glass."

Nick Smith Commercial Operations Manager
Driver Safety Australia