EnduroShield Rain Repellent - Lasts up to 1 year & Treats 2 Windshields

EnduroShield Rain Repellent - Lasts up to 1 year & Treats 2 Windshields

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Repels rain, snow, ice, and road grime

Complete professional kit, includes polish for deep clean of older windshields and high quality microfiber cloth

EnduroShield Windshield Rain Repellent transforms your vehicle's glass into a high performance, ultra-long lasting rain repellent surface. Now available in the USA after a number of notable European accolades. Including AutoExpress Magazine (UK) BEST BUY RAIN REPELLENT (you can be sure it rains a lot over there!)

Improved visibility increases safety

This non-stick invisible coating turns the rainwater into beads which are easily swept away, ensuring clearer vision in wet weather driving. Increasing safety for you and your family just that little bit.

EnduroShield ultra long lasting Windshield Rain Repellent repels rain and improves visibility and safety. Apply once to repel up to 1 year even in wet climates.

Repels rain dirt, and oily road grime

Reduces response time in wet weather driving

Improves night time vision in wet weather driving

Allows easier removal of ice, snow and bugs

Treats 2 average windshields

Why its better than the rest? Because the true concept is about the long term benefits of seeing better through your windshield in difficult conditions. EnduroShield gives you better visibility for much longer.

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